What Do You Do With Your Ideas?

What Do You Do With Your Ideas?

Hey there!

What’s your experience with getting a lot of ideas?

Do they kind of pile in and you’re doing your best to keep up with them all? Trying to remember the key ones and matching them up in bundles to help with the remembering? Even, maybe, write them down? But then worry about losing that piece of paper, so still try to remember them?

Then what? What do you do with the idea? Well, try it out of course.

I love, love, love, love, love trying out ideas.

Then, the next part, just as fun, combining ideas. To see how they might fit together. Or not. To see how they might change because of a different influence. To see where those “curves” show up and how they might combine with other ideas, or groups of ideas.

It’s really in the intersection of ideas, disciplines, approaches, ways of thinking where the magic really starts to happen.

It’s so cool! I love it.

This writer blog/website is like a nexus of that. Here, is where I’ll be sharing experiments with the ideas, as they evolve.

It’s true that I have many interests, but at the end of the day, I keep coming back to a few key things, which all attempt to do one main thing.

From childhood, I was drawn to playing and writing music and songs, reading and inventing stories, making the effort to walk a mile in another person’s shoes to better understand them, sharing with people freely everything that I’m learning, and creating and holding the space to give people their best chance at success.

It’s taken me awhile to figure out that all of these things ultimately lead to turning up the intensity of the light just a bit more to help me and others find their way in this world to live a better life, even, to be the best versions of myself/themselves to make the world a more beautiful place to live in.

So, I feel that I have now found a way to bring those seemingly different expressions together, to make it feasible and possible to honour them.

It’s through this platform, here, at giselethomson.com.

This is where I am fully me and talk about what ideas I’m trying out and how they’re evolving and sharing what I’m learning, and perhaps some of it is useful for others. I know from experience working with colleagues and friends that this is how I roll, so replaying here what I do in everyday life.

The other projects are fully me too, but they are platforms also to express in greater depth certain aspects of myself, e.g., songwriting, storytelling. After a great deal of to-ing and fro-ing on the pros and cons of nurturing multiple brands, I have settled on developing two more brands, really, at the end of the day, to make it easier for audiences to find the expression that appeals to them the most.

Some might love the music, but not like the self-help side. Not to worry. They just need to know me as the singer-songwriter and easily find what they’re looking for. The same applies to the fiction.

That said, I have decided to be open and transparent about these other brands. There is nothing to preserve or protect, so no need to keep rigid barriers up between the brands. It is here in this space, where the linkages between all the works and expressions will be the most obvious, because that is what this space is about – me being fully me.

There is a strong business side to me. And each one of these expressions has a business model component that is context sensitive. The business models depend on the industry, my decisions on how I choose to show up in that industry, and so much more. And in many ways, it’s in this space here that those aspects of me will emerge the strongest, as I experiment with the ideas, the adaptations, the combining of concepts and so much more, rolling out viable and successful businesses to support each expression of ultimately the same aim.

Quite frankly, this aspect was the hardest part to figure out how to integrate into all the rest described above. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I grew up in an extended family of entrepreneurs. I’m one of the very few who ended up in public service as a career, and though I’ve learned much and met and worked with many wonderful people, this entrepreneur side of me has been woefully undernourished in that kind of a context. This is not a complaint, simply an observation.

Different situations and types of work require different skill sets and interests. I learned a great deal, stretched and grew in unexpected, and at the end of the day, helpful and useful ways that I’ve no doubt have and will continue to support me as I continue to venture out into expression the entrepreneurial side of my being.

It’s truly in this spirit that I’ve started the Sandbox of Experiments page on this website.

Additional ideas have been bubbling up on how to extend this idea. Though for now, establishing the page, its purpose and genesis is enough. Much more of it will unfold over time. I can perceive quite a bit in the distance, but time is needed to allow for this to emerge naturally in very concrete and specific ways.

Chat again soon!

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