Solving a Table of Contents Problem

Solving a Table of Contents Problem

Who wants to own a blogged book?

Who has blogged a book?

How do you even start blogging a book? Egads, how do you finish blogging one? When do you know it’s finished?

My favourite book on book blogging is: How to Blog a Book, Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time by Nina Amir.

Amir says she has found that blogging a book may be the fastest way to write a book and the easiest way to build a platform while actually writing a book. Sounds cool! And efficient. I like it!

I have a dilemma that I’m hoping this book blogging idea will help me solve.

When I was going through what I now refer to as my dark times, I also accessed a lot of new ideas and ways of thinking about things. So, in the end, the result wasn’t all that dark. Just dark feeling like I was sinking into the rabbit hole.

Anyhoo, during that time, I got some great insights on topics for a table of contents for a book or two. The code word for these projects are “The Power of…” and “Remember.” I’ve been sitting on this table of contents for nearly three years.

Maybe, just maybe, blogging the table contents to spin out a book over time might just be the ticket to move out of the realm of ideas and into the world of practically doing. That’s my thinking anyway.

Enough procrastination, time to get on with it!

See you later!

Hopefully with an update on the book blogging experiment.

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