Blog a Book: The Power Of…


This is where I’m placeholding the blog posts for the book I’m blogging for The Power of… book idea.

Yes, I do have a table of contents of sorts, but I’ve decided to leave some mystery for you and will not list those topics ahead of time. They shall only be posted as the blog posts come out of my brain and are posted to this blog.

This keeps things fun and light for me. I hope too, interesting for you, as there is a possible mystery for you to unravel: “Where is she going with this?” “Oh yeah, I called that topic. Ha!” And so on and so forth.

The book blog Remember explores intersecting ideas with a different pitch and angle.


On Your Marks, Ready? Set? Go!

Get the Ideas Out There Dammit! Enough of that Sitting on Your Ass Business!


The Power of Purpose

Still Going to Sedona, But Later, After North America Survives Covid 19

Setting out adventuring to Sedona, a recommended place of spiritual power, only postponed, not cancelled. A course correction while waiting out the Covid 19 virus running its course through North America. I remain hopeful six months will be enough time to allow that story to unfold.

A coffee cup with the words "today is gonna be a good day" accompanied by two sheep figurinesAlso planning on visiting Sante Fe in New Mexico.

The Google Travel tool links to so many interesting places to visit, especially for me, getting close to nature. Now is a great time to step up with more consistency working out to be in the best shape possible to walk as far down as many trails as I wish, when I finally do get there. I’ll need more than abs for that. 😊 Stamina will be key.

Amazing what the power of purpose can do to help stay on track, even if goal posts are moved.