Sandbox of Experiments


I love experimenting with ideas.

It’s great to learn about good ideas. It’s super cool too when you get amazing insights on something that could work.

But, it stays an idea until you do something about it – something real and concrete. When you can test an idea to see how it works, that is the best.

What an idea looks like in real practical terms is never quite the same as the concept of the idea. Who cares? That’s the whole point.

Even better, is when you get flashes of insight or intuitive nudges on how to push the idea further, or finesse it, or adapt it, or combine it. Ideas are malleable, even, especially so, when you roll them out.

This is my sandbox for testing out ideas. It’s one of my favourite things in the world to do. Come play with me.

I have a backlog of ideas I need to get out there into the real world. In this space, I am sharing and keeping tabs on the evolution of the ideas as I roll out my plans over time.


My Sandbox of Experiments

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