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Vol 1. Issue 1.  25 July 2021

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Modeling What’s Possible

Stay true to your idea by testing it on a small scale. You can see the vision of your idea rolling out and having a big impact in your job, on your project, for your organization and so on.

But there seems to be little appetite to support you to roll it out.

There are valid reasons for this. They can’t see the vision. You are having trouble communicating the vision and its positive benefits. Fear might be holding people back who may prefer to stick with the status quo. Other agendas with a different way of implementing the business model might be in play with bigger voices around the table. And so many more reasons.

Whatever the reasons might be, you have the free will to test it yourself. You can chunk down your idea into smaller ideas that you can test separately. You can scope the ideas to dovetail with the breadth and width of the projects over which you have a direct influence. You can be proactive anticipating possible risks and having different back up plans in place if things go in unexpected directions.

We’ll explore these ideas and  so much more here in the Sandbox of Experiments Newsletter.


The Horse I Picked to Ride: Life Purpose Work

When you have multiple interests, it can be a downright challenge to focus on one thing exclusively. For a whole slew of reasons.

That said, it can be an even greater challenge getting multiple things done at once. This can cause a lot of stress and contribute to a sense of failure when you have multiple items not getting the lift that they need.

There’s also something to be said about authority and branding and that one thing that you’re known for as the go-to person. Yes, it’s true that you might be a go-to person for a few things, but that’s you thinking outward.

But what about what your potential client sees looking from the outside in? Human nature will apply a label to make things easier to sort.

Even though I have and continue to struggle with this multiple interests thing, I did eventually pick a horse to ride. I thought it was critical to focus on that one thing that would have the most impact and leverage at multiple levels. Writing, speaking and coaching to help people step into their life assignment (life purpose) to a greater degree over time is exciting.

For more information about this work, visit Meet The


Special Points of Interest


What Can You Do to Nurture a Culture of Experimentation?

“ transformed itself from a small start-up to the world’s largest accommodation platform,” reports Stefan Thomke in his article Building a culture of experimentation. He explains that they were able to do this by running 25,000+ tests per year.

This culture of experimentation can be nurtured through the following key components grafted into how the organization gets its work done. These include:

  • Cultivate curiosity
  • Insist that data trump opinions
  • Democratize experimentation
  • Be ethically sensitive
  • Embrace a different leadership model
  • Be a role model

 The article is informative on getting you started to think about what you might be doing and could be also be doing to nurture a culture of experimentation. Thomke is the author of Experimentation Works: The Surprising Power of Business Experiments (HBR Press, 2020), if you want to dig further into this topic.

In the blog post Innovation and Experimentation: What the Pros Don’t Want You To Know, I’ve integrated Thomke’s key points and expanded a few points of my own related to application of innovation and experimentation at many levels beyond the usual go-to assumption of a tech company or startup.


About the Sandbox of Experiments Newsletter

The Sandbox of Experiments Newsletter brings to you reports on ideas and strategies that I have tried out, might be in the midst of doing, or am considering trying out. Or that others have tried, are trying out, or are considering doing.

It’s important (and fun!) to model what is possible.

You know, give an idea a go, and see how it plays out.

In the process, it’s interesting to see what bubbles up, what additional ideas emerge, what the same or a similar idea in a different combination with a different set of conditions can suggest as a way forward to make things happen. And so much more.

Sharing these experiments with others to hear about the results of their efforts is an essential component of this sandbox of experiments. So, look out for stories about ideas and strategies that others are experimenting with, as well.


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