Figuring Out Serving Your Calling When You Have Multiple Interests

Figuring Out Serving Your Calling When You Have Multiple Interests


There are a couple of things I’ve been experimenting with over the past couple of years. With very cool results.

These experiments relate to gaming, storytelling, platform building and spiritual development. How do these things go together? Does it matter? I think not. It was fun. Still is, actually.

A lot of interesting observations have bubbled up, which I’ll start speaking to over the course of these blog posts. Perhaps some observations may be useful for you or suggest too you additional interesting possibilities and opportunities. Who knows?

These experiments probably started as separate things, but at some point, started to intersect as natural places of alignment showed up. Or, interesting possible blends influenced each other. Probably a bit both and something else I’ve yet to understand better.

A key experiment was how to bring together in a coordinated, streamlined way, multiple interests (some call it having a Renaissance Soul) — to manage them coherently, moving things forward to gain a sense of momentum?

This is something that Joe Vitale recommended that I do when I interviewed him several years ago as part of a telesummit I was coordinating on the theme of “Living the Life You Want.” He recommended that I bring all the interests together with one overarching intention, rather than think about them as separate and distinct parts.

I’ve done that thinking work and I’ve narrowed it down to the interests that I continuously return to. I have discovered that they are variations on a theme achieving the same aim.

Through speaking, books, blog posts, interviewing people, stories and songs – all of these can bring people to reflect more deeply on their lives and what they want from their lives to live the best version of their life, making meaningful and deep impacts on the people and world around them.

That’s it, in the above paragraph, in a nutshell, of what I feel called to do in this world.

I completed this week setting up the platforms for the storytelling and the song writing, to complement the work I’m doing here on this blog talking about experimenting with ideas, and the main blog I’m developing on travel to sacred sites and personal and spiritual development.

The idea behind the approach of setting up the platforms first was to then free my time to focus almost exclusively on the production side, thus eliminating the distraction of trying to set that up midway. Whether artists or entrepreneurs or anyone else trying to bring their contributions to the world like it or not, a platform is a necessary foundation to support the rest of the work.

For the past few years, as I was recovering from a burnout-depression, I did not remain idle. I kept pushing to learn. I was playing with website building and experimenting with social media tools. Which social media tool was better for what kind of engagement? It’s all so confusing at first. I kept my experiments local to reduce the risk, though of course, you are still managing some risk with friends and family in your local area.

This past year, I took a break from the grinding I was doing learning about writing stories, platform building, websites and so on, and went back to gaming for a while. This time, instead of playing console games, I fell into a mobile game. I learned a bunch there: about gaming monetization, social engineering to keep people in the game when they may normally leave the game, and more. I was also running some spiritual experiments on love inside the game – in a game that happened to focus on war, with a lot of power-mongering that emerged naturally because of the way the game is structured. Too funny, I know. It was fun. I learned a lot. I learned about discord and how it can work as a platform tool too.

Discord can be used with Patreon, a crowdfunding platform many artists leverage to fund their art through sponsors (patrons) contributing to their goals, to manage chat and voice chat with patrons.

World Anvil, a web-based tool, for people creating worlds, was funded through Patreon, and has gone through many fabulous iterations. I’m looking forward to expressing the story worlds I’ve been developing for quite a few years in that space.

Then, there’s the music. It always comes back to the music for me. I have been playing instruments from a very young age. I learn them quickly. But I was burned horribly in my teens when it came to playing music in a public arena, so I became very reserved about sharing music that way.

I wrote poetry first when I was a child. I learned to convert my poetry to lyric-writing.

There was a time it was complicated being a musician. Now, indie musicians can make a very good living.

For many years now, after I pieced myself back together from the being badly burned, I have been biding my time until I can re-invest in writing and sharing music with the world, I have listened to music. A lot. Looking for the latest songs. Listening to different styles. Always, the music playing in the background. Especially while I write – at work, at home. It doesn’t matter. Listening to the same song over and over to absorb the song into my being. I’m very much looking forward to opening up that floodgate that I’ve been keeping closed until I felt ready. I’m feeling ready now.

Now that I got that off my chest – feels great, it really does – for the next little while, I’ll be focusing on my main experiment right now. That is a telesummit I’m organizing to help people figure out how they may serve their calling more effectively doing what they love, leveraging their innate talents and abilities, even if they’ve moved far off the path of expressing those interests. It’s the key to finding their way back, in my honest opinion. It’s the key to greater happiness and a sense of self-fulfillment in life.

We all make compromises. They start small, but enough of them piled on top of each other deviates us from what our path might have been to something different where we discover we are unhappy and drained and feeling stuck. There is a way through. And the side trip was worth it, though it may not be clear at that time. There is a way to feel and be more fulfilled in your life, and to leverage the lessons learned to greater benefit for yourself and those you have an impact on.

More to come on that.

Here, we’ll stay focused on the experiments side of the equation.

Chat again soon.

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