And The Music Plays On

And The Music Plays On

I love music. Someday I’m going to share my music.

Since a little girl, I’ve listened to music, played music, written lyrics and music. But shit happens. Life happens. And I never got around to properly writing and then sharing that music.

That time is coming is soon.

I worked many years in a steady job – for the kids, for the family. Always, one day, when there was more time, then I would produce the music.

I wasn’t idle. I learned. I played. Most importantly, I listened to music. All the time. At the office. Looking for new songs, new riffs, new lyrics. Always looking for that tune that grabbed my attention.

My finish line is fast approaching to when I get to have the me time to write and share the music that I don’t know how it will come out of me. But I’m so stoked. I’m so excited to see how the influences I’ve listened to over the years will impact what comes out.

So, so, so excited!!!

More to come. It’s so awesome.

Talk again soon.

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